Monday, May 16, 2011

My Magazine Spread with Ty Burrell is out and here is the dish......on the shoot

ok I got this amazing phone call one day from a cute editor from L.A. who wanted me to call her back for a styling job. I thought I am going to have to fly out again to L.A. but as luck would have it Ty Burrell Lives in Utah, with his cute wife and baby. He also owns a Bar downtown that is totally perfect for all the locals and low key. So I got to style the shoot there in my hometown for the last 10 years called Salt Lake, which I was loving this not traveling to L.A. thing. Just nice to chill out at home. So anyways, moving on from that rant and raving, I was super nervous because this shoot was a bit more challenging, why? Well because I have to have sizes for a man but in a women’s dress and hip and shoulder sizing. Sounds easy but it is not. So I panic just a little bit at the end on the green jacket we were trying to go after for one of the shoots looking like one of Joni Mitchell album covers. She said as  close as you can get the color of the jacket and make sure the roll of the sleeve. Well I could not find a cuff oversized green jacket ANYWHERE!! Finally my cute assistant and I just said well let’s pull as many outfits as possible. So we were totally way over prepared which was helpful. But the best part is at the end of the day, Ty pulled one of the jackets off the rack and had this idea to cuff the sleeve in and roll to a sleeve I did not think could roll, but I brought it because the color of the jacket I was matching was dead on. Anyways the best part is Ty was super clever and figured that one out. I told him “ummm hello you should be the stylist”! He laughed at me and said “No Way”! But I have worked with lots of beautiful talented people, but I was super nervous around him which is weird because I never get nervous really, he was a exception!! This because I am obsessed with Modern Family I don’t get to watch much TV ever, so when I do I really only watch Modern Family and Oprah on my DVR. He was so cool, down to earth, super nice, and just a really great guy to work with. He was way friendly and asked about me and Dawn (she did hair and makeup or I guess I should say wig and make up) about our families and where we lived, he was just super cool. So here is the spread this magazine is amazing you all should get one because has awesome interviews with some amazing talented actors. This was suppose to be funny and fun shoot and this is why he kept himself raw in himself image with his beard ect… enjoy but super happy to have my name in print finally love love so excited. Thanks Wendy, Ty, and dawn you all rocked and the photographer was amazing and fun!! Was a small set and that was the best part really mellow no stress.  

                                               My name is in print yeahhhhh finally so excited feel so blessed. 

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