Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here are some pics of New Line Coming out in two weeks what are your thoughts??

Now I made the shorts to be long enough for length we need and the fun lace printed top can sit on top of your shoulders we adjusted it after the shoot because it kept falling so that was a sample look that we didn't keep. The skirt is light jersey knit super comfy and has a amazing lace in the back in the middle of skirt that runs all the way down to the ground. It hits your feet. Like I said the photos coming one by one so there will be more to show more of all the looks in about a week. I know feeling different comfy and amazing cute in what you wear is so important. so I am trying to make clothes that help and do just that for you. I styled all these looks so look carefully on how I style them and have fun with your looks you are always welcome to ask me questions.

                                              The sample on this top is amazing but we made adjustments to top to make sure stays up on your shoulders. Also the skirt has amazing lace running down the middle back of the skirt that is double so you can't see through.
                                                       These are knee length just she had longer legs

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Sunday's Outfit...My fave dress .99 cents from Estate Sell

Ok new blog, so little bit about me, I love estate sells!! Yes it is the smell not so much, but nothing a little cleaning can't take care of love that dry cleaner. So this one is like 5 sizes to big which I love even more, I love that you can belt it with a little skinny and then add a layer with some big necklaces and no one can ever tell. My most fave, my tights, from line Look From London, I carried in my boutique for years is so fun, fresh, and springy that how could I not rock them this semi sunny day finally!! Sunday is the day I get to dress up for 3 hours, sometimes I feel like it, sometimes I do not at all and this is when I pull out the long t shirt dresses plain simple that I can throw on some big earrings and be done ready in 5 mins. This dress is perfect length and my Free People cardi adds something more to a plain .99 cent dress!! Have fun with your outfits try something new this Sunday and send me your pics. Always be inspired.

My new Fashion Line Coming Out Tell Me Your Thoughts

Introducing New Clothing line that is geared toward Modest Women!! This is just the ice breaker there are many more photos to come. I wanted to take a different approach on designs for Modest women. Make it more fun and funky more in the "now" sense. I want to be able to bring everyone something different so that not every modest woman looks the same. Different way of thinking and going beyond just the normal. Tons more pics being done now, by the awesome photog, Steve Wood....More to be posted soon. Please give me some feed back will be availible to buy in two weeks.....order online through email and paypal or buy at the nappi store in Daybreak South Jordan Utah. Email me at Thanks!!

Long maxi dress hanging over your feet. The summer must have