Monday, February 7, 2011

Me As A Stylist Being Interviewed by Other great Fashion Bloggers

My Client is Michelle Money. I pull everything for her. I helped her get ready for the show this season The Bachelor pulled many rose nights and much more. I love her and she really has a fun style. Met her on the movie set and we have been buddies ever since. She is a great person and I was lucky enough to get noticed for all her great outfits on the show and I get to give everyone the info of what she wears every week. Enjoy!!! Read and share.....
This is michelle on a press tour for her movie and I dressed her  here as well. She will also be on  many other shows coming up that I have been working on all her pulls everyday. For the Ellen Show and much come enjoy

My Movie I was lucky enough to do All the Wardrobe on!!

I feel very blessed to be on a commercial set when I met Curt Dousset. He is now starring in Mid Way To Heaven movie just released on the 4th of Feb. I was doing a commercial and apparently made a impression on curt because two weeks later I get a phone call and he just landed a role on this movie and told the director about a wardrobe girl that he must call. That was me. He sent me the script and two days later I called to tell him what I thought and what I saw in the script. Next thing I know I got the job. The biggest challenge was to dress everyone in the whole film Modest. I mean Modest I was getting nothing by them at all. I think this is the best LDS film I have ever scene ever and not just because I did all the wardrobe but because it really will make you laugh and cry and it has been getting rave reviews. You all must see and check out the wardrobe!! Enjoy and check out the trailer.......follow this link.

Find Your Passion

I think finding out who we are is a everyday journey. I remember growing up in Orange County feeling the fun life of the sun and the beach becoming a huge part of my journey. I know in high school it was about going vintage store shopping and trying to find the oldest pair of 501 Jeans and how to find a sense of art in every piece. I think that you really have to love something to become a part of it in your life. There is a different way of seeing art in fashion. I think I really wanted to do a blog that focuses on the biggest question I get everyday doing styling here in Salt lake City, "How can I dress Modest, but Stylist?" If I had a dime or every time I hear this I would be super Rich....So here I am wanting to share my style but not just mine but other mormon fashion bloggers trends and must haves to prove to everyone around the world and to the young women of the world that you don't have to sacerfice style for modest dressing. In fact I think there is so much more to offer. You can follow me through my styling and my life as a designer of my new modest fashion line. I hope you can refer to this blog to help you and or your family to get ideas and get inspired for others around the world from so many talented women. Share with others and follow the blog!!

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