Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Now Out On DVD My First Film I did all the wardrobe on!!

You all must get into this amazing film I got to work on.....I was lucky to meet Curt Dousset the Main Actor on the film in a earlier Microsoft Commercial I got to work on. He was acting on it and he thought I was very good at wardrobe so he told the director Michael Flynn about me and he thought he should summit the screen play to me to read it and see if it would fit with me as a artist in wardrobe. So I read it and I loved it read it in one night! I summited the screen play analysis to him later that next morning telling him about each character and what I thought they should be wearing what colors at what times in the screen play, the type of people I thought we could create through the clothing. So then I waited to see if he liked what I thought and if he agreed with me? Makes you nervous to see if he feels the same way. So he later called me and said he wanted me on bored to join the crew on the film.....I was so excited nervous and overwhelmed at the same time. There was going to be so much prepping and the days would be long through the night. Surely not like commercials but I love to push myself a hubby gets so annoyed by all this about me but this is what I live for. So I met the best people ever I even got to work with Kirby Hayborne who was a blast. Everyone was so fun and talented. Unlike any LDS movie you have ever seen. It is a must see.....and now available on DVD and stars my Client Michelle Money as well. Great Cast will make you laugh!! Feel good movie.....ohhh and don't forget to check out the fashion of course. Here is the trailer to get a peek....

Follow Link To see the trailer and look at the clothes tell me what you think??

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